Best Penny Stocks 2019 Stocks Under $1- Review and information

Beware of Penny Stock Scam: Stockpusher at work

Today we will review the Best Penny Stocks 2019 Stocks Under $1 matter. In some cases, even scams are behind the plans of their backers. Because when investors blindly buy all the stocks on a trend theme like Blockchain, Bitcoin, Lithium or Marijuana, it also brings scammers on the scene. In the so-called “pump-and-dump scheme”, Pennystock shares are driven up by worthless, small companies with a lot of PR and jubilant announcements.

Best Penny Stocks 2019 Stocks Under $1- Suggestions and latest news

In addition, some press firms release with paid newsletters (often spam), faxes and mail as well as in well-known discussion forums targeted for these alleged Pennystock insider tips with unbelievable price potential “tumbled”. That the stories behind it were invented free of PR professionals, many investors can not imagine. Even the elaborately created websites, press releases and purchase recommendations are very professional.

Best Penny Stocks 2019 Stocks Under $1- Detailed info and tips

For worthless companies, every stock sale flushes 100% profit into the pockets of cheats

Surrendering a few shares for supportive “services” pays off for the backers of the scams: For if worthless or almost worthless companies are inflated artificially to a million-dollar rating, each individual share sale to investors means up to 100% profit – regardless of whether 15 cents or sold at 85 cents. If all shares are brought to the public with PR and purchased buy recommendations, then the barrage of the PR reports ebbs away and the stocks aim at their actual value at zero.

Best Penny Stocks 2019 Stocks Under $1 –Guide for beginners

They usually recognize these companies by the fact that they characteristically have a very low stock price. In addition, these penny stocks are listed mostly in the US, Canada or Asia on unregulated stock exchanges and are not subject to the strict regulations of a reputable stock exchange such as the NYSE or Nasdaq. Because word has gotten around that especially many gullible investors can be found in this country. For more news and info, stay tuned our global finance web site.

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