Best penny stocks to buy for 2019 – Review article

Today we will talk about the best penny stocks to buy for 2019. Many investors are attracted to the promise of huge returns on penny stocks. And it’s true that these stocks show massive price fluctuations in the high double-digit and even triple-digit range, usually within a relatively short period of time. The extreme volatility is just one reason why penny stocks are risky and highly speculative investments. That’s why at Penny Stocks only trade in money that you can afford to lose.

Best penny stocks to buy for 2019 for investors

Although penny stocks are defined as any stock sold below $ 5 per share, there are quite a few that trade against literal pennies or even fractional pennies, which means you can buy many stocks with a relatively small investment. An investment of $ 500 can buy 1,000 shares of a penny stock at $ 0.50; this same investment would only buy 10 shares of the value stock of Delta Air Lines. It is tempting to assume that there is a big advantage in having 1,000 shares compared to 10 shares, but a 10% gain on a $ 500 investment is the same, regardless of the number of shares you own. Do not confuse price with value when dealing with penny stocks.

Best penny stocks to buy for 2019- tips and tricks

How much you need to trade penny stocks depends on the minimum requirements of your brokerage account. All online brokers are trading stocks on the major stock exchanges, and there are many stocks under $ 5 on the big boards. For real penny stocks, you need to find a broker who trades on the Pink Sheets and OTC bulletin boards. Most, if not all, do it. You must normally have at least $ 500 to open an account, and there may be other conditions when trading with penny stocks. For more information about the best penny stocks to buy for 2019, stay tuned us.

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