How to buy penny stocks for beginners?- Brokers looking for low order commissions

Do you wonder how to buy penny stocks for beginners? The market for penny stocks is risky. After all, the extremely low prices of stocks ensure that investors can trade relatively large amounts of penny stocks without investing too much capital. For 100 euros, there are at least 200 shares, if each has only a price of 50 cents.

However, so that the order costs for buying and selling are not disproportionately high, investors should look for an online broker, which raises only a trading volume-dependent order commission without a minimum fee.

How to buy penny stocks for beginners?- Pennystocks – Buy cheap and sell high

Make money quickly with penny stocks.Buy cheap and sell high, the dream of every investor. Buy even cheaper and fall, the nightmare that can happen to any investor, if he is not careful. This often happens with so-called penny stocks.

Well, what are penny stocks? The word penny comes from the consists of the terms for penny = penny and stock = shares. In the parlance of the stock market, the term is understood to mean a share whose value falls below 1 euro. This value applies only to the euro area. In the US, for example, established a different value size, because here is the amount for a penny stock at less than $ 5.

How to buy penny stocks for beginners? -Why are there penny stocks?

A stock may fall in value, stockbrokers know. Also below a value of one euro. In most cases, poor management behind the collapse of the company value is responsible for it, and the controlling supervisory bodies also play a large part in the economic misery. But mostly we find penny stocks as speculative values ​​in the unregulated market of the stock market.

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