New penny stocks list- Stock trading is emotional

Today will describe the new penny stocks list matter. When you start investing in stocks, you will soon realize that this is a highly emotional matter. It’s not just about you, but the majority of investors. However, it is helpful to be aware of this. So you can go step-by-step to approach things more rationally. Studies have shown that rational considerations in the financial market lead to greater success.

How much tax is due on stock profits in Europe?

In Austria, you pay 27.5% KeSt (capital gains tax) on stock profits. Note that the tax rate really only applies to profits. This is often calculated incorrectly by beginners. To illustrate a small bill:

Tax calculation – example

Bought 1 share worth € 100.00

Sale of the share at a price of € 110.00

Tax to be paid: € 2,75

This amount is automatically transferred to the tax office by Austrian brokers and usually does not need to be kept busy. Good to know: Stock profits and stock losses In Austria, by the way, it is possible to offset them within one calendar year.

Should you be the KeSt. But once you have to pay yourself, this is best done at the beginning of a new year, but at the latest by the end of May the following year.

New penny stocks list- What alternative is there to trading stocks?

As an alternative to buying individual stocks, ETFs and funds or Wikifolio are also available. Strictly speaking, these are also shares, but bundled! An ETF is a passively managed fund and always tracks a leading index (for example, the Austrian ATX). The risk is slightly lower for an ETF than for individual stocks, as there is already a natural and large spread here and you are not just investing in a single stock, but in a handful. The annual average return on an ETF is around 5%.

Funds are actively managed and tend to focus on specific areas such as emerging markets, the technology sector or even environmental equities.

Wikifolio is a relatively new form of investment. Here, individual investors invest in certain stocks and keep these investments public and transparent. Thus, the price development as well as every single trade can be reconstructed at any time. You can shop here, similar to a fund and thus benefit from the investment success of others. The advantage here is that you do not have to worry about what stocks you buy and place in your custody account.

On the other hand, you put your success in the hands of others. Fortunately, Wikifolio’s past investment successes are a quick way to sort out who has an idea of ​​investing and who less. By the way, all mentioned alternatives can be dealt with by the stock market broker already presented above. For more information about the new penny stocks list, stay tuned our leader finance web site.

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