Purchase penny stocks without broker- Review article

Today’s subject is purchase penny stocks without brocker but first we wanted to talk a about an important point. Most of the penny stocks are vain bankrupt stocks. Many penny stocks listed on the stock exchange are pure “stock exchange coats”, ie the stock-listed remnants of insolvent corporations without any prospect of a final cash payment or even a turnaround of the respective company.

Stock market trading is often continued in the barely regulated free market even years after the bankruptcy. Thus, on the one hand, the hapless investors realize their losses and tax deduct and on the other hand, the stock exchange and banks continue to earn a commission on each transaction.

Purchase penny stocks without broker- Information

Some broke stocks are experiencing sharp price swings from time to time, especially when many traders are betting on a rise at the same time, for example, in Internet forums. Often, even a modest increase in trading volume attracts more gamblers, so that suddenly there is a great demand for a many years of “apparent” securities. In trader circles, such a provoked price rise is also referred to as a “dead-cat bounce”. According to the somewhat macabre metaphor, even a dead cat would bounce up again if dropped from a sufficient height.

Purchase penny stocks without broker- Tips and tricks

Beware of Pennystock speculation and Pennystock recommendations: “The last bite the dogs”. Especially in boom phases on stock markets, there are regular irrational excesses in Pennystock stocks, which are then often “driven through the village” in discussion forums. Incidentally, such speculative excesses are a clear indication that the stock markets or a sector have run hot and the risk of a correction or a bear market is increasing day by day.

Since many Pennystock tips or the rise of the shares is usually nothing but hot air, the prices of the highly penny Pennystock shares fall as quickly or even faster again as soon as not enough new speculators enter. With Pennystock shares it is called then “the last bite the dogs”, because often such a stock moves then for years no longer from the spot, tends steadily weaker, is barely traded and finally falls worthless and is delisted – thus taken from the stock exchange. For more article about “purchase penny stocks without broker” matter, stay tuned us.

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